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I am András Dr. Szalai a second-generation lawyer whose family practised economic law. I graduated at the Faculty of Law of Eötvös Loránd Science University at Budapest, also acquired a diploma at Cambridge University’s online tutoring of anglo-saxon and european law. I gained my widespread knowledge of the Hungarian economic law as a trainee lawyer at firms with international clientele on the fields of real estate and banking. I also participated in launching startups as a partner and gained business skills and experience as well which can be utilized in the course of the services I can help you with.

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Real estate & development law

sale and purchase agreement, donation, exchange, lease, development, inheritance, condominiums, matrimonial property

Corporate law

foundation, alterations, transformations

Contractual law

business and syndicate deals, sub-contractors, loans, general terms

Claim enforcement

out of court enforcements, insurance cases, collaterals

Copyright & industrial property rights

license agreements, patents, designs, other copyright applications


representation at court in cases of the above fields


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Current posts


2023 March

Exemptions and reductions in acquisition tax in the course of the purchase of real estate

If you are planning to buy real estate, in addition to other costs your real estate purchase will also have the cost of the acquisition tax payable to the Hungarian State. Can you reduce it? Exempt from it? This article gives yout the answer.

2023 January

Procedure for concluding a real estate sale and purchase agreement

If you're considering buying a property and have already worked through some of the legal content, you probably have a number of detailed questions. Chances are, the most important of all is: which step is the first and how does the whole process come together?

2022 October

Paying real estate purchase price: cash, bank transfer...crypto?

If you buy real estate you have to decide how you plan to pay the purchase price and pre-negotiate it with the seller. It is important to figure out the payment form of all parts of the purchase price in order to have an accurate and detailed agreement.

2022 September

Buying real estate online

In 2020 the need to run your errands via digital ways arose out of necessity. Back then and also now there is the option to buy real estate without personal contact.

2022 September

Paying real estate purchase price in parts: pre-agreement, pending registration, or reservation of title?

If you buy real estate there is a good chance that you will have to pay the purchase price in parts. There are numerous reasons for that. Which legal solution should be applied for your case?

2022 June

Encumbrances of the real estate: how to clear the title deed?

If one or more encumbrances are registered on the title deed question may arise that how will you own an encumbrance-free real estate? Legal options for deletion depends on the type of the encumbrance. Let's analyze them!

2022 June

How should you read the title deed of the property?

In addition to the technical and aesthetic condition of the property, the legal status of the property should be assessed before buying. How to download the title deed online? How to process the title deed data?

2022 May

Buying real estate registered as communal property

The pre-emption right deriving from the communal form of property can make buyer's life difficult. It won't be like that if we know the proper legal solutions.

2022 May

Buying land: enhanced interest of the State = complex transactions

A specific Act governs the sale & purchase of land in Hungary. This way the State protects the Hungarian land and Hungarian farmers.

2022 March

Cancellation of the real estate deal: who has to bear financial responsibility?

The most important issue before concluding the real estate sale & purchase agreement is to regulate cancellation and financial responsibility which often tests the buyer’s and the seller’s intent to cooperate and make a deal. Who is responsible?

2021 December

From handshake to written agreement: deposit, letter of intent, pre-contract

As a potential buyer of a real-estate, you might noticed that the seller or the agent both wanted you to commit as fast as you can. They may wanted you to to give deposit or to sign a letter of intent, maybe both.

2021 October

Double sell of real estate

If you buy real estate it can occur that the seller gets a better offer after concluding your sale and purchase agreement, or it can be you who takes the better offer not knowing that the seller accepted someone else’s offer or sold her real estate to before you.

2021 June

Foreigners buying property in Hungary

If you qualify as a foreigner or are buying a property with a foreigner, you will need to go through a special authorisation procedure to acquire the property.

2021 June

When you were donated a real estate but you might have to pay anyways

If you were donated a real estate and the donator dies it may occur that her successors may lawfully insert a claim against you. Does such demonic legal opportunity exist?

2021 May

Financing your real estate purchase with bank loan

The seller, the buyer and the bank as a third-party. How does it affect the content of the sale & purchase agreement? What are the expectations of the bank?